You are required to read he below mentioned terms and conditions in order to fully comprehend the liabilities which are implied upon the visitors of this website as well as how and where your data is utilized. These terms and conditions are binding upon all the visitors of the site (https://gleamcleanspecialists.com). In this document/section, the terms “YOU” “YOUR” are referred to the visitors and customers of this website and the terms “US”, “OUR” are referred to the owners of the website. In case you DO NOT agree with the following terms and conditions, it is recommended to NOT continue the use of this website.


The main purpose of this section is to highlight all the basic liabilities on the users of this website. This section/document contains the information about what data we collect from you, how we use it and how it is protected. We are licensee cleaning company offering our guaranteed maid services for cleaning your house. We are based in United States in Memphis Tennessee. In case you want to get fast answers on twitter, follow us @gleamcleam901.  You can also Email us directly at gleamcleanspecialists@gmail.com and in case of a speedy replyon the run, Call us at (901) 712-0700

Login Credentials

For signing in, you have to give your email and password credentials, so that we can identify you. For signing up, you have to enter “First Name”, “Last Name” and “Password” so that you can register with us. You are responsible for entering your data correctly and for the authenticity of your credentials. In case of any inconvenience or inability to register, you can send us an email to our support cell at gleamcleanspecialists@gmail.com. These login credentials will be saved in our website server will help us identify you every time you login and use our services. We have FULL RIGHTS to deny registering to any particular account or BLOCKING any particular account if found guilty of offence against the site.


Terms of Usage

The user can utilize the services after logging into the website. He will be required to select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that he needs to be cleaned. However there are a few things to be kept in mind:

  • Some things we do not clean- cleaning of biohazard such as mold. We do not clean bug or insect infestations.
  • We don’t clean animal waste.
  • We do not move heavy furniture.
  • We will not climb no higher than a 2 Step ladder.



Using our services

There are several packages we offer so that you can choose the one which best suits you. They include:

  • 1 time service
  • Every week service
  • Every 2 weeks service
  • Every 4 weeks service

We offer special discounts and offers on our services as well. You have to schedule an appointment with us and we’ll reach out to you to help you with cleaning of your house. You can avail our services by registering with us a regular member or by dropping us an email or call at our given number. However, you must ensure that you have provided us with the correct and authentic credentials, otherwise it will not be possible for us to connect with you. In case of any false or faulty information, we WILL CANCEL the appointment/service to the concerned user/customer.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your clean then we will come back and re-clean. But YOU MUST inform us of the re-clean within 24 hours. After that, we will not be responsible.

Gleam Clean Specialists reserves the right charge a cancellation fee of $50 for late cancellations. A cancellation will be considered late if the service is cancelled within 24 hours before an appointment. Cancellation fees may be charged for other reasons including not being able to get into the building for the service or not being able to contact the original person who booked the appointment.


Your crucial data and information is safe and secure with us. We make sure we protect them with the highest level of security we have to ensure that your crucial data and information stays away from harm. We take extra measures in installing extra protection layers to our website servers to ensure maximum protection against breaches and malicious activity. However, WE DO NOT GURANTEE an absolute protection of your information. As digital information is vulnerable to server attacks and other cyber-attacks, and we cannot help in such a situation. But, you are assured that we have ensured maximum protection so that you can enjoy our services.


Use of material

The information and material which is found on this site is to be considered for information purposes. YOU ARE FORBIDDEN to use it for any sort of personal means, copying, pasting the information without the explicit consent of the site owners is subjected to penalty under the law of the state and may result in the TERMINATION of your account from our site. We also RETIANS the right to use any information or data entered in the system for marketing purposes. We ARE NOT responsible for any content posted by anyone.

  • Subscribers/members may receive occasional emails and promotions, as analytics tools are used.
  • All subscribers/members contractors who post tutorials, lessons, or any other marketable media give us exclusive rights to use it for profit by whatever means decided.




The changes to these terms and conditions can ONLY be done by the site owners. Notification of the changes will be posted as soon as they are available. However, it is your responsibility to stay updated with the latest terms and conditions and we will not be responsible to tell each and every open for you. You MUST keep visiting this page for updated information about the latest terms and conditions.

Illegal Matter

We hold FULL RIGHT to block any account found committing illegal activity against the site. We will also exercise penalty of the culprit accordance to the cyber-crime law of the state.


The terms and conditions which have been made mentioned in this document are in accordance with the law of the state of Tennessee. In case of any confusion or query, get in touch with us via our email gleamcleanspecialists@gmail.com  or call us at (901) 712-0700.